Trabzon – Uzungol – Ayder – Sumela – Giresun

Places Included in Trabzon Program

A 16-day, 15-night trip to Trabzon’s most beautiful attractions – Uzungol, Ayder, Sumela – Girsun including daily transfers in a private car, hotel accommodation, and a 24-hour follow-up team.

This is an invitation for fun in Trabzon, one of Turkey’s most important tourist destinations with its wonderful areas such as Uzungol and its unique lake, which, together with the surrounding greenery, form an icon of beauty, one of the world’s most picturesque paradises.

We will also visit Sultan Murad Heights and the Haider Nabi Hill, which rises 1,200 meters above sea level, Cal Cave, Duck Lake, Ayder Heights, and thermal baths.

Activities To Do In Trabzon

We will visit Uzungol Lake, sit on the lakefront highlands to enjoy coffee and stunning views, and have a barbecue on the green mountains of Sultan Murad Heights.

We will take a boat ride in Duck Lake, enjoy bungee jumping over water and canoeing, visit the 1,600year-old Monastery of Sumela, explore archaeological houses and the maze of historic rooms, and have breakfast in the garden and hill of Buztepe, an ice hill with a charming view of the Black Sea.


Tourist Guide
VIP Airport Pick-Up
Open Buffet Breakfast
Daily Trips
24/7 Support

Please note that we offer flexible program schedules. You can contact us for customizable tourism programs.

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