Airport Taxi Transfer Istanbul

Airport Taxi Transfer Istanbul

Several separate steps make up the set of services known as airport transfers. Passengers who have completed their reservations must be met at the airport at the start of these stages. At the airport, a sign with their names on it welcomes passengers as they step off the aircraft. The passenger is greeted in front of the hotel where they will be received or at the address indicated for transfers from one address to the airport.

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Passenger pick-up services using a handwritten board are prohibited in various Turkish airports. For instance, instead of a hand sign, travellers arriving at Istanbul Airport are greeted by electronic boards provided by the airport to authorized transfer businesses.


Another illustration would be that visitors to Sabiha Gökçen Airport are greeted with name signs at the exit gates, or they wait on benches provided by the airport to Sabiha Gökçen transfer firms and travel agencies. The staff assistant on duty directs passengers to the transfer cars as they arrive at counters marked with the firm insignia.

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The belongings are placed in the trunk of the vehicle, and the driver opens the door to assist the passengers in safely and comfortably boarding the vehicle. He enters the driver’s compartment and introduces himself to the passengers when everyone has settled in the car.


The distance to be traveled and the estimated length of the trip are disclosed during this time. The occupants can continue to enjoy the ride as the automobile goes.

After arriving at the desired location, the driver carefully removes the luggage from the car and hands the guests’ possessions. After receiving feedback from the clients regarding how their trip is going, the airport transfer service is concluded with a kind send-off.

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