Istanbul Airport Transfer

Istanbul airport transfer is one of the preferred transfer services for people who are going to fly to Istanbul to another place. At this point, let’s first examine the details about Istanbul Airport together.

About Istanbul Airport Transfer

Istanbul Airport, which has the distinction of being the largest airport in the world, is the most demanded in Turkey. the airport, which is built on an area of 76.5 million square meters, is still new. Istanbul Airport, which can serve 90 million passengers in the first place and 200 million passengers after that, has 6 runways where 2 aircraft can land and take off at the same time.
there is also a duty-free area with a view of the Bosphorus at this airport, which provides flights to more than 350 destinations. Istanbul New Airport, which is located in the villages of Akpınar and Tayakadin in the Arnavutköy district of Istanbul, has been developed in a very technological and comfortable way. There are also passenger information desks and various desk robots in the area where you can easily deliver your luggage and make online reservations. Thanks to this, passengers are least affected by the density of the airport.

Istanbul Airport Transfer

Istanbul Airport Transfer Service

Istanbul Airport transfer service is usually one of the preferred options for individuals who do not have an intermediary or travel to another city. The most comfortable solutions are always offered when considering the number of people and the distance of the journey to meet the expectations about the vehicle. The staff should be friendly and strong in bilateral relations when creating solutions by looking at the distance to travel in VIP and Istanbul airport transfer services. Our company always focuses on quality-oriented alternatives in the selection of personnel. In this way, it is ensured that almost every service offered is of a high standard.

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