Privacy Policy

We will retain information about our customers, as well as contact information and other information that they provide when they join and / or make purchases. sales, product / service fee collections and various promotional applications of advertising, promotion, communication, marketing-sales and carding can be recorded indefinitely, stored, processed and shared as necessary on and organizations specified.

Receipt of promotional and campaign mails will depend on your desire, and if you do not wish, campaign or promotional mails will not be sent to you.

Our corporate website will allow you to make changes in this area later, only you can access the information you enter when registering for the virtual shopping site and only you can make any changes. No one other than you has the ability to view this data. To provide this security protocol, our company uses an international encryption standard called 128-bit SSL, and although your credit card information is not strictly requested during registration, it is never saved in a data center.

Only credit card information is requested during purchases, and this information is only shared once with the bank where you work securely in order to confirm and complete the purchases. The data relating to the credit card you use when shopping is encrypted with 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol and delivered to the relevant bank to confirm the accuracy of the information, regardless of our system.

Since no map information is displayed and saved by us, third parties are not allowed to access this information. As, we are committed to fully comply with the provisions of “Law no. ° 4077 on consumer protection “. About advertising applications Google has the right to associate the behavior of the user coming to the site with a cookie found in the browser and to set remarketing lists based on metrics such as number of page views, visit time and goals achieved, in order to remarket with Google Analytics and Google AdWords. In this context, users who do not wish to retain their interests can change their advertising preferences and cancel them .

Advertising preferences for users will only be applied to the user’s browser on that computer. Users will be reset when they delete cookies from their browser. For users who wish to opt out of Google Analytics, they can install the opt-out Google Analytics browser plug-in on their browser. In order to re-market with the tool Google Analytics, the behavior of the user coming to the site is associated with a cookie in the browser. Remarketing lists defined in Google Analytics are automatically sent to Google AdWords. Then that user displays targeted advertising content based on their interests on the site or other sites in the Display Network. The advertising content is targeted on other sites in the Display Network based on the interests of the users. Internal cookies ( such as the Google Analytics cookie) and third-party cookies (for example, the DoubleClick cookie), remarketing by Google Analytics to collect ad information, optimize and serve ads based on previous visits by users to the listings website are created. As a result, targeted advertising content is displayed on the website or other sites of the Display Network, taking into account the visit settings and the interests of the user.

Email Security

Do not write down your card number credit cards or passwords regarding any order in your speeches and correspondence with our company. In particular, the information contained in correspondence (e-mail) may be consulted by third parties.

Like, it is not responsible for the security of any information transferred from your emails. cannot be held responsible for any damages that the consumer would suffer due to non-compliance with the above mentioned issues.

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